How did the Black Death change feudalism?

The Black Death was the saddest and hardest time of the Middle Ages(besides the Dark Ages).  The reason was that the Black Death was really a disease that spread from Asia to Europe. The disease was the bubonic plague that killed 1/3 of Europe's population. If you had the bubonic plague then you could die in less then a day and it is also an airborne disease(meaning that it was passed through the air). The Black Death was in Europe for about 4 years: from 1347-1351 A.D. The Back death also went to England and there almost 1,000 villages were abandon because the people knew that the disease was there so they left.

      The reason that it changed feudalism is that it killed almost 25 million people in Europe, and after the disease passed there were no more serfs to labor the land because most of them were dead, and if some survived the masters could pay them and then they could leave and live there own lives. Also there were no doctors so if you get stuck with the bubonic plague then you would die.